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Android Game Development

Android Game Development
Android Game Development 
Google’s mobile operating system – Android has gained immense popularity in the field of smart devices and today it powers over 80 per cent of the smart mobile devices and tablets all across the world. Games are the dominant category of apps with 36 per cent of all downloads with 89 per cent of all revenue on Google Play coming from games. Games are serious business and CEDS is a right partner for you. CEDS is a top Android Game Development Company working on cutting edge Android game development and possesses years of experience in it.
Though it is lithe, the Android platform is complex and intricate. Thus, before you get your app or game development started, it is important that you hand over the development task to a team of professionals which comprehensively understands the development environment and platform. Approaching Android game development using the same tools and methodologies which work for other game development platforms may lead to a disaster.
Fortified with vast development experience, our Android game developers are highly proficient with Android Security Architecture, Android Media APIs, Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and other imperative Android development tools.

Android Game Development Team
If you are planning to develop an Android game , CEDS will support you with our incredible game development abilities and we can help you unleash your creativity. Our objective is to understand the concept and make it the soul of your gaming app while beautifying it with right programming, user experience , attractive animation and rich interface design
We can help you develop any type of Android game, some of the game categories we have worked on till now:

  • Storytelling or adventure games
  • Arcade or card games
  • Strategy games
  • Simulation based games subsuming driving, racing or sports simulators
  • Puzzle games for all age-groups
  • Character oriented games
  • Funny cartoon games for kids
  • Educational games
  • Casino Games

We develop state-of-the-art Android Mobile Games
Our Android games are characterized by rich backgrounds, stunning graphics, an easy to understand game play and engaging storyline. Our scalable Android games with single and multiplayer gaming modes will give your users superior gaming experience. The benefits of hiring us for your Android game development requisites include:

  • Customised project development with fast turnaround times using Agile and Extreme Programming methodologies
  • Constant monitoring of expenditure and budget of clients for keeping overall cost in check
  • Use of Up to the minute technology and development infrastructure
  • Extensive expertise in technical knowledge
  • Constant customer support through different mediums
  • High affordable pricing structure
  • 2D and 3D development service

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