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Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance
Best Application Developers for Banking & Finance:
CEDS is one of the most trusted software development agencies when it comes to building applications for the Banking & Finance industry. Right from creating the UI/UX design to building the entire back-end system, CEDS has the expertise in building the perfect financial solution for your business.

Challenges in the Finance Industry

Some of the challenges that were presented to CEDS are mentioned below:

1. Centralised Information
News analysis, market performance, expert advice and advertised reports offer disparate source of information to the investor. With such a huge plethora of information and knowledge resources it is bound to get confusing. The need is to simplify the knowledge absorption process through a unified channel that works exclusively for the investor’s benefit.

2. Futures options
A strong predictive analysis model goes a long way in building trust upon a hosen investment vehicle for the investor
3. Secure Payment
Any and every investment needs to access the investor funds. There is a growing need for a secure channel that guarantees glitch-free electronic transmission of funds from his/her bank/finance source to the appropriate investment vehicle.

World Class Solutions for the Finance Industry
1. Digital Transformation: Our solutions can streamline and optimize information and statistics, and allow it to be centrally accessible. This will allow workforce to access work round the clock from any location. Our solutions will increase employee productivity and provide useful insights.
2. Simplification: Our result oriented products will disentangle your business and operating models. We will assess the current status and implement the required changes to simplify the overall process. Enhanced Know Your Customer solutions and refining your IT processes would be one of the major core areas we will concentrate on
3. Payment Solutions: We excel in providing complete payment solutions and related support services. Right from system integration to application development and maintenance, our full fledged team of experts will overhaul the payment systems and refine them.

4. Mobility Solutions: Our mobility solutions will boost Customer Relationship Management. Customer engagement will be increased through analyzing customer usage patterns, design services, cross service platforms and assistance in digital purchasing processes.


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