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CEDS offerings for Hospitality Industry:

Our team has been instrumental in suggesting and implementing IT solutions and leveraging technologies that has proved to be a game changer for this dynamic industry.
1. Mobile Apps Development
CEDS has developed mobile app solutions that work exclusively for the dynamic hospitality industry with a focus on improving the connection between the providers and guests in way that spells a winning proposition for both. These mobile apps are available on major platforms such as iOS and android.
2. Software Development Services
We have proven capabilities in building software solutions with astonishing factor. Be it online checking of availability or booking, review of hotel features from guests’ end or maintenance of all-round hospitality CRM modules for hotels, CEDS has been instrumental in devising ideas that have ensured that client hotels stay one step ahead of the competition at all times and enjoy continuous loyalty from their existing guests.

3. UX Design Services We believe that UX design is a key component of delivering high end mobile apps and software that gain adoption among top hospitality industry players. We understand that the success of a product depends on elegant, clean and clutter-free designs. We offer research based design, appealing and exquisite user interface that can complement the suave nature of hospitality industry. Our decades of design experience comes across very vividly in the form of beautiful, entertaining yet highly impactful hospitality solutions

Solutions offered by CEDS:
Some of the challenges presented to CEDS included the below:
1. Presenting an all-round yet simple solution for better customer experience – getting real time update about hotel occupancy, easy check-in, check-out and ability to change preferences as per guests’ needs
2. Agile ability to manage, retrieve and utilize guest information, details and records
3. Better visibility on the social media space
4. Designing, developing and deploying operational framework that enhances employee proficiency at a fraction of the costs
5. Need for bespoke solutions around specific business needs that include –
  • Ordering takeaways from online or mobile
  • App for table booking
  • App for in-restaurant menu viewing and ordering
  • Interactive client engagement modules such as loyalty programs, feedback and rewards.
6. Ensuring that the systems are ready for future with initiatives such as ‘go green’

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