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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

The leader in Machine Learning Solutions

Machine Learning is a technologically evolved tool which utilizes machine intelligence to capture the untapped areas of business models. We at CEDS recognize Machine Learning as one of the pinnacle problem solving techniques for emerging and established businesses.
Our expertise at Machine Learning helps businesses tap into the vast and unexplored reserves of unprocessed data and make informed decisions from them. Be it data mining, deep learning or analyzing or processing raw chunks of information, we can help you set up a formidable fortress of data supremacy.

 What is Machine learning?

Machine Learning is an essential embodiment of Artificial Intelligence. It deciphers and builds algorithms that allow computers to learn how to perform tasks from existing data. This reduces the workload of a programmer and enables him to focus on core tasks, rather than writing complex codes for the same. Machine Learning analyses previously available data and scans through millions of examples to come to a conclusion. With this intelligence, machines can understand complex patterns and predict outcomes to situations more accurately.

In other words, “Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.”
At CEDS, we use deep learning, natural language processing and neural networks that can replicate human decision making and allow real-time applications of Machine Learning. Below are the possibilities that you can extract with machine learning.

Text Analysis

1. Sentiment analysis: This method can be used to classify if the opinion expressed by the writer is positive, neutral or negative. This can be used for future marketing strategies and product development.
2. Information extraction: The algorithms can extract a particular piece of information such as names, web links, addresses, keywords etc.
3. Filtering: With Machine Learning, data can be classified as a tweet, chat, post, blog or spam posts. This can help firms which have huge inflow of social content on a daily basis.
4. Improved content discovery: With Machine learning, you get intelligence into what kind of content users are likely to follow and read and based on their interests and reading patterns, you can suggest articles that are aligned to their interest. In this way, you can create a more immersive and personalized experience for your users.

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