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About Us

About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading Company in the region. Using innovative ideas, we provide best of breed solutions . Combining creative problem solving, solid service delivery model.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable our clients to develop their business through innovative ideas, advice and quality of service. And to build a great place to work for, that develops and retains great people.

Work Team

Our team is diversified and we interact with each other with mutual respect regardless of gender, nationality and background. We trust each other and believe in fairness and transparency.Our vision is to become the leading Company in the region. Using innovative ideas, we provide best of breed solutions . Combining creative problem solving, solid service delivery model.

8 principles that guide and inspire everything we do


Let’s leave the simple to everyone else 
It’s easy to run from challenges, and it’s far too convenient to blame constraints. But that’s not how we roll. We decided long ago that complacency was just not in our DNA, so we developed what we like to call a culture of yes. While others run for safety, we jump into the fire. We take on the world’s most complex projects, and we deliver them on time and on budget. For as long as we can remember, we’ve defied expectations and embraced the insurmountable, and we’re still just getting warmed up. So bring us the impossible, and let’s leave the simple to everyone else. You’ll find us out front polishing the corners of the bleeding edge.

Everything here is a passion project 
We like making things. We like taking problems, twisting them into ideas, and developing them into solutions. We work with cool clients doing important things, and we wouldn't have it any other way. When you believe in what you build, most of the other pieces just seem to fall in place. You attract all the right people, and they bring pride and ownership in everything they do. We believe strongly in our clients, and if you take a good look at our work, you’ll see that belief reflected throughout.

Welcome to the clan 
We are not numbers here, and this is not the matrix. We are a family and our clients here are everything. Our team is driven by empowerment, and every one of us has sleeves rolled up to our elbows. Here, camaraderie is currency and commitment is everything. Our unity is the lifeblood that courses through this place, and our dedication to each other is the fuel that powers us through late nights and big challenges.

Keep em’ happy 
Success here is as much about trust as it is about technology. And trust begins with happy clients. Keeping our clients happy is not a box we check off on a generic list of responsibilities, it is the driving force behind everything we do. This business is ruled by reputation, and we will win on service every single time. We’re conduits and catalysts—our clients come to us for guidance and look to us for leadership. Their success is our own, and their trust is a privilege that we carry with honor.

They’re called sprints for a reason 
This industry favors the fleet, and we move faster than anyone. Our speed begins at the first stage of a client engagement and accelerates throughout the process. While others are waiting for the ink to dry on a proposal, we’re already knee deep into prototyping. Time is a luxury, but for our clients, it is seldom an option. For that reason, we have developed The CEDS Way — a framework for development that keeps our processes lean, our projects effective, and our agency humming.

Let’s remain scrappy 
There is something very effective about the mentality of a startup. Too often, we’ve seen successful organizations become bloated and slow, more concerned about appearance and hierarchy than clients and creativity. Not us. We refuse to succumb to that space. We fundamentally believe that you need structured chaos to do anything worthwhile, and that is exactly what you will find here. You won’t encounter a lot of slick salespeople or sit in planning meetings to discuss other meetings. We build fast, learn quickly, and evolve daily. Why would we ever change that?


Never settle for the status question
In this industry, complacency is the villain, and death usually occurs by stagnation. The world moves quickly, and it is far too easy to fall for the familiar and embrace the expected. But what fun would that be? We are entering a new era in technology and it is going to be awesome. Refrigerators are speaking to watches, cars are chatting with the road, and everything is becoming increasingly digital. Our people geek out on this stuff. They daydream in pixels, obsess about technology, and fall asleep with fresh ideas still racing through their heads.

Walls are not welcome here 
Walls are not welcome here. Simple as that. Walls make us smaller. Less effective. More predictable. Few pioneers are left in this industry, but we are determined to remain among them. We are on a quest for greatness, and that requires blazing our own trail. We will refuse to accept a label or follow the path of conformity that others have laid before us. What we are building here simply does not exist anywhere else. It’s time to give the big boys a run for their money.

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